About Our Seminars

About Our Seminars

The purpose of the Keep it in the Family Seminar is to inform and guide you on the benefits of lifetime succession planning and to demonstrate, with the use of specific case studies, how you too can plan during your lifetime to protect your assets and to pass them on to your loved ones.

You will be shown the most effective estate planning solutions and how you can benefit from a full range of options, including ways to mitigate the inheritance tax on your estate after your death.

All too often families lose out because of a failure to plan effectively or by leaving it too late to effectively plan.

We have been running our highly successful Keep it in the Family Seminar programme for many years, during which time we have provided invaluable information and advice on how to protect their assets to the thousands of people who have attended.

Why not attend one of our FREE seminars and find out how we can help you plan for your family’s future.

Who will benefit from attending one of your seminars?

Anyone who is serious about wealth preservation and asset protection and who wants to understand the advantages of lifetime estate planning.

We can provide you with a FREE no-obligation follow up consultation which can be arranged either in your own home or at one of our offices* and, if you instruct us within six weeks of attendance at the seminar, we are able to offer you a generous discount on our fees.

*One free consultation per household.

Do I need to attend if I already have a Will?

Although making a Will is definitely a key step on the estate planning path, generally a Will alone will not be enough to cover all your succession planning considerations. Bear in mind that:

  • A Will is only one aspect of estate planning.
  • Since your Will comes into effect on your death it cannot deal with lifetime planning.
  • Your Will can only ‘pass on’ assets that form part of your estate at the date of your death. This means that if between making your Will and your death your assets are eroded because you do not have measures in place to protect them, your beneficiaries could be left with significantly less inheritance.
  • You need a Will that has been drafted by a professional who specialises in Wills & Estate Planning. Making a Will may seem very straightforward, but there are numerous drafting pitfalls and inheritance tax considerations and capital gains tax implications that may not be immediately apparent or at all.

Sadly, it is often only after the testator’s death that problems come to light which could have been avoided by obtaining specialist professional advice at the time the Will was drafted. This results in enormous distress to loved ones who are left behind to obtain probate and administer the estate.

This is particularly so if the matter has become contentious and parties have resorted to litigation to resolve matters which only serves to incur enormous legal fees and diminish the value of the estate. Clearly this is not a situation which you would wish for your family.

  • Your Will and all your estate planning arrangements should be reviewed on a regular basis to take account of changing circumstances. 

Is lifetime estate planning really necessary?

If you are wondering whether lifetime estate planning is right for you and your family, then consider the following scenarios and how you or your family would cope if you were faced with any of them:

  • What would you do if your circumstances suddenly changed and you became mentally or physically incapacitated. Who would manage your affairs?
  • How would you fund care fees if you found yourself requiring residential care or care in the home? Would you be forced to sell your home? Do you have any measures in place to reduce the potential burden of care fees?
  • What is your Inheritance tax status and do you need to take any steps to mitigate it? Have you considered your tax position generally?
  • The implications of making lifetime gifts. Have you made any and when?
  • What would happen if someone were to make a claim against your estate? Are your beneficiaries protected?
  • If one of your children divorced after your death what would happen to his/her inheritance?

We address all these questions and more during our Keep it in the Family seminar, and explain the solutions we can provide to assist you to protect your wealth.

Is a Trust the best way to protect my family wealth and assets?

Placing assets in a trust may be one of the  ways to preserve them for the benefit of your family. The advice we provide will depend on your circumstances and we will be happy to discuss the merits of a trust with you. For centuries trusts have been the means by which the very rich have safeguarded their wealth, enabling them to pass it from generation to generation, and in some instances protecting it from being dissipated by divorce, remarriage, illness and of course tax.

See also Trust Creation & Management.

The Universal Wealth Preservation Trust (WPT)

The Universal Wealth Preservation Trust (WPT) has been specifically designed to give you flexibility in dealing with your assets while protecting them for you and those you care about.

By ring-fencing your assets with a WPT you can be sure that they will be safe for the future. The WPT gives you the legal right to have full use of them during your lifetime and you will be free to move home and downsize whenever you want. You will also be able to receive income from any savings that are protected.

Could you specify situations where a WPT would be appropriate?

The examples of lifetime estate planning scenarios provided could all be dealt with effectively by creating a WPT such is its flexibility. And here are some other examples of how beneficial a WPT can be:

  • It will not be necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate for assets held in your WPT to be made available to your beneficiaries because, for probate purposes, the assets held in the trust are outside of your Estate.
  • You have the facility to appoint a Protector to control the assets in the WPT should you lose capacity, thereby avoiding need for any application to the Court of Protection. If you have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place that will be effective for any assets held outside the trust.
  • You may wish to protect your personal assets from future business failure bankruptcy or unforeseen debts. A WPT does not prevent your personal bankruptcy but in most cases, it does keep your assets and your family safe.

What solutions are best for me or my family?

The scenarios to which we have referred are only a few examples of the situations for which you can plan. Every day Universal Wealth Preservation helps families preserve their wealth by creating tailor-made solutions to match each family’s specific circumstances, needs and requirements.

If you have a particular concern that you would like to plan for, let us offer you the benefit of our expertise and show you how you can protect both your assets and your family. Through effective planning we ensure that any financial needs you might have during your lifetime can still be met while preserving your wealth for future generations.

How Universal Wealth Preservation can assist you

If you would like more information about our wealth protections solutions, we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our Keep it in the Family seminars. To book your place on one of our forthcoming seminars click here.

Alternatively, to arrange a FREE no-obligation home consultation with one of our experienced advisers click here. We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Our Seminar Programme

Our Keep it in the Family seminars are completely FREE to attend and your attendance at one of the seminars entitles you to a complimentary no-obligation consultation* with one of our Private Client Advisers on a date and time convenient to you either in your own home or one of our offices as appropriate.

We hold seminars on a regular basis in different locations throughout the country.  Each seminar is approximately two hours long with a short break halfway through and there is a question and answer session at the end giving you the opportunity to seek clarification on points raised during the seminar.

Our seminar presenters are highly experienced lecturers who have been advising clients on wealth planning and asset protection for many years and are recognised experts in the field.

For further details on our forthcoming seminars and to make a booking click here.

*One free consultation per household.